Simeone deserved better from NPR

Why do I feel that opera talk show host Lisa Simeone is the sacrificial lamb after being fired for supporting Occupy Wall Street in her private life? ("Lisa Simeone confirms her firing from public radio's 'Soundprint' show," Oct. 21).

Putting aside the question of whether anyone not in the top 1 percent has any integrity by not supporting Occupy Wall Street in some form, how is it that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting can tolerate a political hack like Kenneth Tomlinson who was running the CPB for many years but National Public Radio had to fire Ms. Simeone? Turns out Mr. Tomlinson was not only skewing the coverage to be more in line with a right wing agenda but was accused of having repeatedly violated federal statutes in his role as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, including hiring a friend as a contractor at $88,000 a year to run personal errands and operating a horse racing business out of his government office.

Ms. Simeone is clearly being thrown under the bus while conservative members of Congress are trying to jettison all funding for NPR.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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