Sun should spotlight Green Party candidates

As usual, The Sun does a grave disservice to its readers and Baltimore City voters by refusing to acknowledge that there are Green Party candidates running in the general election. No mention is made of Doug Armstrong, running for City Council in the 14th District and Bill Barry, running for City Council in the 3rd. Both Bill and Doug are long-time community organizers and are exactly what Baltimore needs to break the stranglehold the Democratic party machine has had for decades as well as the pay-to-play system that benefits wealthy developers and political insiders and leaves the citizens of this city out in the cold. Mr. Barry received 27 percent of the vote in his previous run against Councilman Robert Curran, and with unbiased coverage from The Sun, he could well win this time. No doubt the possibility of Green Party candidates winning is why The Sun refuses to cover them.

The Sun does not have the right to deny coverage to any candidate nor does it have the right to influence elections by doing so. As a former Green Party candidate myself, I have been refused coverage by The Sun, including being denied the usual meeting with its editorial board. That is wrong. It is your job to cover and cover truthfully and in-depth all the candidates. You are lying to the voters when you do not include Messrs. Barry and Armstrong in your general election coverage.

Maria Allwine, Baltimore

The writer was a Green Party candidate for governor of Maryland in 2010.

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