Weiner case demonstrates immorality of Democrats

Rep. Anthony Weiner and former Rep. Christopher Lee will forever be linked as both New York congressmen used social media to cheat on their wives and send embarrassing photographs. Rep. Weiner, a prominent Democrat, and Rep. Lee, a second-term Republican congressman, are both presumably guilty of adultery in one sense or another. But while the extent and number of Mr. Weiner's offenses made Mr. Lee's crime seem marginal, it was Mr. Lee who felt he deserved a far greater punishment. Their recent scandals provide a stark contrast of the ethics, morality and respect for public office among Democrats and Republicans in Washington. Mr. Weiner's refusal to step down reveals the amorality that exists among the far left and should be enough to convince any Christian Democrat to fill out the paperwork to switch parties.

Mr. Lee pursued one woman, under a different identity, who was in his age range. He was exposed by the woman he pursued, and she revealed a semi-normal Internet conversation coupled with an embarrassing, shirtless picture. Despite the fact that the congressman broke no House rules, he felt his infidelity and dishonesty had shamed his constituents and his party. After internal pressure from GOP leadership, he resigned.

Mr. Weiner used his title as a congressman to pursue numerous women. The 46-year-old appears to have reached out to much younger women in unique circumstances, preying on college students and single mothers in their 20s. He produced pornographic images of himself that he sent to several of these women, many of whom were less than half his age. He was exposed when he sent a picture of his genitals on Twitter. Perhaps his greatest offense was that Mr. Weiner, in the fashion of Bill Clinton, vehemently lied to the press and the American people. He fabricated an extensive story that he was the victim of a crime in which his Twitter account was hacked and his personal photos may have been distributed. He defended his story passionately, even once publically referring to a reporter who questioned him as a "jackass."

Mr. Weiner, however, does not feel the need to resign. He feels his actions did not break any laws or rules worthy of resignation. In the fashion of President Clinton, Rep. Charles Rangel and numerous others, he has provided a striking example of the moral divide between Republican and Democratic politicians. Mr. Lee felt he had to resign and his seat was lost to the Democrats in a special election. Mr. Weiner, a philanderer, pervert, pornographer and liar, feels he has not done enough to warrant a resignation.

Mr. Weiner's case should make two vital points to Christian Democrats. First, prominent Democrats feel that their supporters and issues are far enough removed from traditional morality that one can commit crimes such as his believing job performance is unaffected. Second, a majority of Democrats are not willing to pressure their colleague to resign as it means risking losing the seat to a Republican or conservative Democrat in a special election. Leaders on the left are willing to do or overlook anything to advance or protect the party agenda. On the personal and party level, staying in power trumps doing the right thing, even in a case like this.

With that in mind, it makes no sense for any informed, Christian adult to ever vote for a Democrat, especially on the federal level. Regardless of how one feels on any of the issues, at the end of the day a vote to send a Democrat to Washington (or to Annapolis in the case of Maryland's elected leaders) is a vote against fundamental, American morality.

Sam Hale, Silver Spring

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