Fed up with Sarah Palin

As a former Republican (I left the party in protest over the Iraq War), I cringe at what's happened to the GOP. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin "gets it right" in your opinion because she believes competition will breed success, but competition among whom and about what? ("Sarah Palin gets it right," May 31.)

The Republican presidential field is pathetic, in my opinion, and you can't turn mice into racehorses. Sarah Palin is the queen mouse of all time.

Perhaps we should be awed that Ms. Palin visited Fort McHenry, read "The Star-Spangled Banner" and even managed to lift a canon ball. Yet when it comes to serious policies, the woman is bereft.

It's clever to wrap oneself in the American flag and ride with bikers. It takes even more cleverness to rake in a fortune from Fox News and get treated like the Queen of England here in America. Ms. Palin is shrewd, calculated and knows how to manipulate the media. She also knows how to skirt the campaign finance laws.

However, what Sarah Palin "gets right" is her understanding of American stupidity. We have become a nation of celebrity worshipers who crave a "bread and circuses" existence. It might occur to this (wink-wink) non-candidate that there are real issues and serious decisions out there.

Sarah Palin's "magical, mystery tour" is an insult to folks like me who actually care about our nation. Furthermore, I'm disgusted by her pseudo-patriotism and embarrassing lack of intelligent rhetoric.

Rosalind Ellis, Baltimore

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