McFadden: Charter amendment needed to rehab city schools

I recently read the article titled "Bill would all City Council to dedicate funds for school facilities" written by Erica Green ( June 1). I applaud the Baltimore City Council for taking a strong and affirmative action to address Baltimore City's efforts to improve its public school facilities. The initiative taken by the City Council to set up an account to pay for school construction and athletic facilities is something I've strongly advocated for in my many years of public service.

Numerous studies have clearly shown the need for improved school facilities for the children of Baltimore City public schools. The issue has been studied to death! Now it's time for action! The $1.4 million to do another study of the needed improvements in my opinion would be best used to initiate immediate repairs.

I strongly urge the mayor to support the efforts of the Baltimore City Council. The mayor should work with the leadership of the council to move the city forward by developing a comprehensive plan to renovate school buildings for our students who will become the future leaders of our city.

I'm sure the future administrations will be please to know the leaders in the city took dramatic steps to move the city forward.

Sen. Nathaniel McFadden, Baltimore

The writer, a Democrat, represents the 45th district.

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