Sheppard Pratt facility unfair to Ruxton — or any other neighborhood

Regarding the proposed mental health rehab facility in Ruxton, I am against bringing a halfway house into any established residential neighborhood in Baltimore County.

Placing mentally unstable, temporary residents in the Retreat at Ruxton isn't helping anyone except those who stand to profit financially.

It is dangerous to assume that these patients, who are recovering addicts or suffering from depression and anxiety, are not a threat to any of the residents and neighbors living in the vicinity.

I am not saying that everyone who suffers from mental illness is a threat. I am saying that it is possible that these patients may be a threat and the neighbors will never know who lives there, how long they will stay and (for lack of better words) what's wrong with them.

Another real concern of mine is that once a home for recovering addicts is approved in Baltimore County, what's stopping Sheppard Pratt or another organization from buying a home for a halfway house for pedophiles or other sex offenders?

I do not live in Ruxton but in a middle-class neighborhood about two miles away.

Sheppard Pratt has tons of land in Towson just a few miles from the proposed house in Ruxton. Why can't they build a large residence or apartment complex there to help more people than would be allowed in the $1.4 million home?

Jacqueline Heil

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