Decent residents of Ruxton must be hiding

I always thought that the homes in Ruxton were well designed and constructed with great care and that the landscaping was excellent. Ruxton would seem to be a perfect place to live judging by outward appearances. Recent letters and articles printed in this newspaper reveal a very ugly side of the local population. I assume that there must be some decent people living in Ruxton, but they must be in hiding. The merits of the case these sons and daughters of Colonel Ruxton Moore are trying to make ("No retreat in Ruxton," May 1) are incredibly weak.

Actually, they fail to make a logical case, and they have no shame in expressing their archaic thinking. The only community benefit from these pre Revolutionary War thinkers is to warn decent people to stay away. Baltimore County should erect warning signs — "Beware of Vicious People!" — at the entrances to Ruxton.

I'm sure that Donald Trump would be more than willing to attend a "Ruxton will not retreat" tea party to raise fund for such a less-than- worthy cause. Do these writers really express the will of all the residents of this community? Are there no dissenting voices? These attitudes are extremely offensive. They are offensive to the mentally ill as well as to their families and for others who care about them. I trust that the Baltimore County zoning board will not cave in to the bogus thinking of these very unpleasant people. Ironically, the only person I ever knew who lived in Ruxton was a long term Sheppard Pratt patient.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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