Ruxton is welcoming — until the wrong people try to move in

My edition of Webster's Dictionary defines a knee jerk liberal as "a person of strong liberal convictions who reacts predictably and emotionally to certain events." As a product of the '60s who has now experienced paying taxes, entitlement programs that have destroyed the initiative of generations of people, and reality shows that are not remotely related to reality, it has become increasingly clear that liberal beliefs are discarded as soon as the issue has that "personal touch."

Aside from the ugly reality of the NIMBY bias that Sheppard Pratt's desired group home in Ruxton brings to the fore, the community appears to be most anxious over having people with mental health issues move into the neighborhood. In the past, such bias was directed toward gay citizens, people with developmental disabilities, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jews to name a few of the unwanted.

Maxine S. Saunders, Cockeysville

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