Ruxton is not 'intolerant'

Your editorial regarding Sheppard Pratt's planned rehab facility in Ruxton is off-base in many ways but two points especially should be made clear ("Discrimination in Ruxton," April 25):

First, the main issue surrounding the proposed facility is money, not discrimination against the mentally ill by "wealthy" individuals. If you drive down the block of the proposed site, the neighbors do not appear as affluent as The Sun would have you believe.

No one wants any sort of facility next to their house that will significantly decrease their home's value. While not obvious from The Sun's photos, the walls of the neighboring house are only 50 feet from the walls of the proposed site.

A 25 percent decrease in the value of this house is not unlikely, and that is a big hit for anyone — be it the neighbors in Ruxton, who essentially are having $100,000 in savings ripped up in their faces, or someone in Loch Raven, Woodlawn or Lansdowne whose home is worth half as much.

Frankly, I disagree with The Sun's stance that the protests of residents living near the proposed site are unwarranted and based on "ugly intolerance."

Secondly, your editorial asks where residents of Ruxton would prefer such a facility to be located —insinuating that no better alternatives exist.

However, there are at least two obvious answers: A less residential block surrounded by fewer families and more businesses; or a location where several houses are not located within 100 yards of the facility — as in the large (50 acre+) properties in Monkton, Stevenson, Butler, Sparks, Parkton, etc.

Mason Petty, Monkton

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