Sun's understanding of Middle East muddled, too

Regarding the editorial on turmoil in the Middle East ("Muddled Middle East," April 22), The Sun neglected a few things. For instance, it is the Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas who is "digging in his heels" against talks. The Palestinians are the ones "muddled" with a divided government and a virtual civil war between Fatah and Hamas, as well as a leader serving the 7th year of his 4-year term.

Further, you failed to mention that since the "broad outlines" in place since 1979 have not been accepted by any of the parties, they might not be workable; and that Anwar Sadat, not Yasser Arafat was at Camp David in 1978. Until The Sun hires more fact checkers, "staying largely on the sidelines may be the only option" it has.

Jerry Levin, Baltimore

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