These are the Senators who voted for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

I think it is important for The Sun to publish the names of the Maryland senators who voted to give in-state tuition to people who are in this country illegally, thus debasing the laws of this country and this state ("Senate approves in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, 27-20," March 15).

Here is a complete list of those senators, all of whom are Democrats:

Ronald Young, Delores Kelley, Edward Kasemeyer, James Robey, Karen Montgomery, Robert Garagiola, Brian Frosh, Jennie Forehand, Richard Madelano Jr., Roger Manno, Jamie Raskin , James Rosapepe, Paul Pinskey, Douglas Peters, Joanne Benson, Ulysses Currie, Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., Thomas Middleton, John Astle, Nancy King, Catherine Pugh, Lisa Gladden, John Carter Conway, Verna Jones-Rodwell, Nathaniel McFadden, Bill Ferguson and Victor Ramirez.

Law-abiding citizen voters should make a note to themselves to vote these treasonous swine out of office at the first opportunity. No Republican voted for the bill, and only seven Democrats (Bobby Zirkin, Anthony Muse, Roy Dyson, James DeGrange, James Mathias and James Brochin) had the guts to stand up for what's right.

It is about time that this country and this state enforce the laws that were put in place to protect our legal citizens, and stop catering to people who shouldn't be here in the first place, and are breaking our laws just by being in this country.

Michael Brown, Owings Mills