Balance a state budget on immigration? Not likely — even in Madison

The last time Brian H. Murphy's political opinions soiled the pages of The Sun, he was touting his own integrity in the aftermath of his unsuccessful campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Today he apparently believes he or Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker could manage Maryland's structural deficit ("From Maryland to Madison?" March 6).

He is very circumspect as to how to do so except for denying "state services" to undocumented immigrants. How he plans to do even this is not very specific (not having mentioned what state services he has in mind to cut). And even a Tea Party candidate should know that this drop in a bucket won't balance the budget. Sun columnist Dan Rodricks on the same page had some very specific and well reasoned ideas on the same point ("Don't like potholes? Then pony up").

Of course immigrants, legal and illegal, are going to be a convenient target in these distracted times. Not a week goes by when some legislative body doesn't try to make life more miserable for immigrants. These politicians are bullies pure and simple. Mr. Murphy shouldn't think that this embellishes his integrity or that anybody is fooled by his demagoguery.

Would some of these apologists for Wisconsin's governor such as Mr. Murphy and Marta Mossburg please explain their failure to address Mr. Walker's rather alarming obsequies to a crank caller impersonating David Koch?

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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