Social Security employees deserve a pay cut or two

I am not surprised that so many Social Security employees have spoken out against the possibility of budget cuts and/or furloughs ("Workers at Social Security protest proposed budget cuts," March 3). As a former SSA employee, I understand why they are so defensive when it comes to their jobs. Many of them are getting paid twice what they would be worth in the private sector, and they usually cannot be fired once permanent.

It is not uncommon to see employees taking lunches lasting up to two hours. Often, a day at the office is nothing more than seeing people sleep at their desks or watch movies on their computers. With a few exceptions, employees with goals and expectations of some sort are nowhere to be found inside the walls of SSA.

I once saw an older employee take 10 smoke breaks in one afternoon and do absolutely no work when he was at his desk. He told me he was just waiting it out until he could get more retirement money. Several elderly individuals literally died right at their desks because they refused to retire. A lack of professionalism was obvious in the way the employees dressed and most apparently in their juvenile, non-professional language.

So, let's recap. Very overpaid. Total job security. No expectations at a job where you can basically do nothing.

The reason I left SSA is because I saw a bunch of lazy employees milking the system and did not want any part in it. I am sorry to say it is time for the foolishness to come to an end. Sorry SSA employees: Party's over. Our tax dollars cannot afford it anymore.

Gregory Prush, Pikesville

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