Angelos lawsuits stop growth

In his recent opinion piece ("Maryland's economic forecast calls for pain"), Anirban Basu lists a range of challenges to our state's economic future — such as high taxes, an over-reliance on federal spending and a declining manufacturing base.

He missed the biggest impediment to economic growth in my corner of Maryland — lawsuit abuse. Mr. Basu should know this because the chief offender, Peter Angelos, is one of his clients.

A big redevelopment project to the south of my home, the Superblock, was delayed for four years by Mr. Angelos suing his competitors — although he eventually lost — as my neighbors and I were forced to live with blight and boarded up buildings. Now, the project just north of my home, State Center — which would create a great new transit-oriented neighborhood — is being held up by yet another of Mr. Angelos' frivolous lawsuits.

Whether it is billboards that make the First Mariner Arena look better or fixing the scoreboard at a stadium where he makes millions, we all are repeatedly held hostage by one man's desire to bully an entire city.

Mr. Basu says we need to get over our reliance on government. Maybe he's right. But let's hope Mr. Angelos gets over his reliance on suing when he's afraid to compete.

Kevin Macartney, Baltimore

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