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Negro Mountain controversy: Doesn't the legislature have anything better to do?

After reading the article on the proposed name changes of Negro Mountain and Polish Mountain ("'Negro Mountain' debate reveals divide," Feb. 21) I have come to the conclusion the state of Maryland really does not need 188 legislators. Our state has many pressing problems — the budget shortfall, crime, pollution in our rivers, lakes and the Chesapeake Bay, just to name a few. In Sen. Lisa Gladden's own district, education shortfalls and miserable graduation rates should be of more concern then trying to rewrite history.

I would suggest several alternative proposals.

First and foremost, the legislature should stick to the real problems we face and correct them in my lifetime, not my grandchildren's.

Second, if time permits after correcting all the aforementioned problems, them maybe time could be found in the agenda to look at some of these trivial matters.

Third, if Ms. Gladden is so intent on idiocy, then she could pay the cost of the study out of her pocket. A 188-member legislature times the per diem rate of pay for however many days it takes to shovel the garbage that goes on in Annapolis. At best, with that scenario, I would be less upset about my wasted tax dollar.

Michael Oakes, Westminster

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