In Egypt, freedom is possible

Their voices have been heard. The people have spoken. The streets of Cairo echo with the clatter of democracy and freedom. However, I wonder if freedom in Egypt is truly possible. Can a regime torn by controversy and dictatorship follow with freedom and liberty?

Many Americans tend to view Muslim countries with a cautious eye. However, this past weekend I stumbled upon a very peculiar image. The image depicted was thousands of men and women praying together side-by-side after the conclusion of dictatorship in Tahrir Square in Cairo (a feat typically unusual outside of the holy city of Mecca). There were no differences, no gender imbalances, dare I say, no problems. For one moment our cautious eye blinked with optimism. For one moment our cautious eye did not seem so cautious. At least, for one moment, it was freedom.

Zeeshan Elahi, Laurel

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