To vote, you should have to show ID

To voice objection to the idea that voters be required to show photo ID at the polls ("Voter fraud: the phantom menace," Feb 14) continues The Sun's norm of objecting to any bills sponsored by Republicans in the legislature.

Where did you find the statistic that 12 percent of people lack photo ID? Prove it. If any of that percentage are seniors and have never voted, why would they try now? Why would minorities, or whites for that matter, fail to have photo ID when most businesses require it? Students need photo ID to enter school or receive their loan or grant money. To identify disabled or poor as less likely to have ID is an insidious insult to both groups.

But your failure to include illegal sneaks into our country, like our governor does, erases any bit of value in your underwhelming and biased view. Stand up for the majority of Maryland citizens who act responsibly, do their duty, follow rules and requirements and don't wait for an excuse-maker like your editorial board to get things done.

Eugene J. Daly, Perry Hall

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