Who could object to showing ID at the polls?

Why would anyone with a legitimate concern about the integrity of our voter system be opposed to having shipping a package through United Parcel Service or having a document notarized requires that you have a valid photo ID. It has long been standard practice to present a photo ID to write or cash a check or in some cases to use a credit card.

A state issued photo ID is available at any MVA office, and the requirements to get one are the same as getting a voter card. In fact you can register to vote when you get your ID or driver's license. The U.S. Postal Service accepts other forms of photo ID, including military, work and school photo ID, so I don't see why these could not be used as well. So if this came to referendum, I would support a requirement to show a photo ID when you cast a vote.

Joseph a voter present a photo ID at the polls? ("Voter fraud: the phantom menace," Feb. 14.) A photo ID is a requirement to doing just about any type of business in this post-9/11 world. The simple act of picking up your mail at the post office,

F. Greenbeck Jr., Parkville

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