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In Egypt, U.S. in danger of alienating the people

The article titled "Treading carefully in Egypt response" which appeared in your paper on Jan. 31 completely misses the point of the Lotus Revolution.

The people of Egypt spoke in a very clear and loud condemnation of President Hosni Mubarak and his regime. Many have given their lives and thousands more have been beaten and put in jail for wanting freedom and other basic human rights.

The American administration, by failing to recognize that Mr. Mubarak has had 30 years during which he and his administration failed to fulfill any reforms toward a Democratic system, is playing a very dangerous game for American security in the region. Every day the Obama administration delays in outright support of the Egyptian people is a day that the unsavory groups are given to regroup and point the finger at America as the supporter of dictatorship and the rule of a despotic regime.

As a patriotic American who was born in Egypt, I want my government to support the democratic process, and we must recognize that in this, the 21st Century, America needs the Egyptian people 80 million strong more than we need one dictator. We will gain the hearts, minds and support of the people of the Lotus Revolution for decades to come and demonstrate to other dictators around the world that America stands for democracy and freedom.

Ahmed Awad, Harford County

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