If Obama wants to restore civility, he should apologize for 2010 State of the Union

One of the first acts of civility in President Obama's 2011 State of the Union address should be an apology for the total lack of civility and hospitality he displayed in his 2010 address concerning the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, with which he disagreed.

Chief Justice John Roberts more than adequately spoke to the president's caustic remarks concerning the court's decision, which in essence, said that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts cannot be limited. Members of the court that were present last year in the House of Representatives had to sit there expressionless while the president and the Democratic members of Congress stood up, literally surrounding the justices, and were seen by the nation cheering and hollering in a tone echoing the president's remarks

Regardless of your opinion of the Citizens United decision, or any other decision by the court, the justices are due the courtesy extended to any invited house guest. Frankly, I hope that Justice Roberts and other members of the court decline this year's invitation. Their role in government is not to follow the dictates of the president or Congress but to follow the law and uphold the requirements of the Constitution.

The president spoke in a manner unbecoming his stature as chief enforcer of the nation's laws, and certain members of the Congress were equally as disrespectful to the office of Supreme Court justice. An apology is order.

Chuck Marks, Perry Hall

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