Voters need a say in filling City Council vacancies

Baltimore's process for filling City Council vacancies provides no formal, structured or official manner for the voters to have a meaningful influence over the process ("Candidates for city's 9th District answer questions, tout issues," Dec. 5). The current system on the books erodes the public trust by placing a decision that affects the masses in the hands of a few, and in this case in particular, compromises the perception of impartiality of some of the remaining members of the council. Remember, Councilmen Robert Curran recently stated in an interview that he's supporting the son of departing council member Agnes Welch in part because of her support of the smoking ban.

Any councilperson who has made public statements supporting William Welch, or any other candidate for that matter, prior to interviewing all of the contenders is biased and should himself from this entire process

Rev. Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon Sr., Baltimore

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