The Sun can't seem to understand the word 'illegal'

I was amazed at The Sun's editorial on the DREAM Act ("Killing the dream," Jan. 3), since the paper has made fledgling efforts to actually present a balanced news report of late. Obviously, the editor has not gotten the message that The Sun should reflect its constituency.

I have not seen such drivel in a long time. The Sun editorial just reiterated all the straw man arguments that it could. It is difficult to know where to start.

Seventy percent of Marylanders are opposed to amnesty. Get that through your head.

The fact that lots of children are here illegally or are born here of illegal aliens does not mean that we have to declare them legal because of compassion. Their skills are no better than our own citizens, and they often are treating America and English as a second life.

The fact that they are given citizenship by being born here is a bastardization of the 14th amendment. That should be reversed and hopefully will be.

The claim that illegals are needed to do jobs that Americans don't want is a lie. There are multiple examples of Americans (and legal aliens) lining up for jobs that are freed up by towns and states enforcing immigration laws. It also makes companies raise the pay for those jobs.

Why not deport 11 million illegal immigrants? We are a nation of 300 million people, so that is about 3 percent to be deported, not a large number. It also would be done over time and would hardly be noticed.

The point is that we are a nation of laws, and we should enforce those laws along with securing our borders, the first and foremost concern. The majority of these immigrants have no desire to be part of America. They retain their customs and language and rally and march against this country. In any other country, including Mexico, they would be jailed and fined and prevented from speaking out against the government, much less marching in protest.

Look at the areas where illegals march, desecrate our flag or hang our flag upside down below a Mexican flag. Do you condone that action? How about South Florida and areas of California, New Mexico and Arizona where English is a second language and where Americans cannot travel for fear of abduction, robbery or death? We are developing a nation inside of our nation and being divided from within.

I could continue, but the point is that we have been "soft" on immigration for years, and that needs to change. We need to expand our guest worker program and reform legal immigration. This does not include amnesty or trying to find ways to make illegals legal because we feel bad for them. Amnesty was tried under Reagan and was a miserable failure. Look at the troubles in France and England due to their compassion. Our illegals should be sent back home and told to come to America the legal way.

This editorial and its justifications are an affront to every legal alien who worked and sacrificed to immigrate here the right way and to become part of America. The number of hardened criminals and the amount of drugs coming through our porous borders is also significant.

On a fiscal note, our compassion for illegal aliens has closed over 70 hospitals in California and costs untold financial distress to every state's budget. We gave CASA over $400,000 and built them a building in Prince George's County. Why do we support an organization which openly supports illegal aliens and defies our laws?

Perhaps the editor should adopt a few illegal aliens so he can compassionately share his ideas and wealth with them. Maybe that would make him feel justified in penning junk editorials like this one.

Jack Gordon, Towson

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