In defense of DNR

I'd like to defend the Department of Natural Resources in their actions concerning the recent rescue by two men of a deer trapped in the ice in the Patapsco.

There seems to be a lot of public outrage against them, and they deserve a defense.

The "N" in DNR stands for "natural," from its root "nature." It is perfectly natural for deer to get trapped in the ice and die. What is unnatural is for animal lovers to try to save them.

It is not in any sense of the word "inhumane" to let the deer die in their natural environment.

Note that the word itself inhumane has as its root "human." Deer are not human. They are wild animals, residents of the natural world, not man's.

Mankind has done more damage to the natural trying to save it than nature can possibly do itself. The best way to save the natural world is to leave it alone and let nature take care of itself.

Gene Ricks, Glyndon

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