O'Malley's false logic on Obamacare

A recent Sun article announced that Gov. Martin O'Malley had informed Virginia's governor that Maryland would not be joining Virginia and other states in seeking expedited Supreme Court review of a lawsuit against the requirement that individuals purchase health insurance ("O'Malley won't join in asking court review of health changes," Dec. 21). While I believe the suit is correct and that such a mandate is unconstitutional, it is the governor's right to make such a decision.

My problem is that Mr. O'Malley so easily mixes apples and oranges to support his point. He states that mandatory car insurance has been deemed constitutional, so mandatory health insurance will be also. Under Obamacare, you must purchase health insurance or be penalized. No on has to purchase auto insurance, you can opt not to drive. If O'Malley logic were correct, every adult person would be required to purchase auto insurance, whether they owned an auto or not.

Jay Ryerson, Havre de Grace

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