Time to withdraw from Afghanistan

The Baltimore Sun's editorial, "The longest war" (Dec. 16), provides a thoughtful analysis of the U.S. and allied involvement in Afghanistan and comes to the conclusion the war as it is being waged now is a losing proposition. What would constitute "victory" in this endless war? Without going into the intricacies of this misguided policy, The Sun suggests shifting the military campaign to drone attacks and special forces raids, even though this would mean a continuation of pointless killing, albeit from a different perspective, with its utter waste of tax dollars and young lives.

The peace movement, and the usual suspects, repeatedly warned against this unnecessary, unwinnable war from the outset.

At this point the best possible outcome from this tragedy would be to withdraw U.S. troops as soon as may be done safely, leaving a sufficient number to protect Afghan non-combatants.

Lee Lears, Annapolis

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