Where do I send the 'hon' royalties check?

My mom and dad, both nearly 90, have been married for 63 happy and productive years. During that period and for my 55 years of life, I have never, not once, heard my father or mother refer to each other but with anything but an endearing "Hon"!

Raised in the Brooklyn area of South Baltimore, that's just the way it was! With family or neighborhood moms, it was likewise! As a matter of fact, until I was 15, I truly believed my given name was "Hon"!

Now we have this Bozo (not the Stu Kerr version) presumably charging for the use of this beloved Baltimore institution. What would P.W. Doodle, or Pete the Pirate, or even Professor Cool say?

My concern is mostly based upon my fear that the impending trademarking attempt may be retroactive! Sixty-three years and countless conversations could cost my parents everything for which they worked so hard!

Have mercy on their poor souls, Hustlin' Hon!

The home they've occupied since 1950? The somewhat comfortable lives they have provided for themselves since their retirements? Their grandsons' inheritance? Gone? Say it isn't so!

I pray for all those folks in Brooklyn and in Dundalk and everywhere else in the confines of Baltimore who have so reverently and with extreme Charm City pride used the name as a sign of affection and true devotion to our beloved city of Baltimore!

Please, Hon, show some pity on us!

If not, where do I send the check?

Christopher Cheswick, Taneytown

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