FBI handled bomb plot perfectly

As an original 1986 founding member of CIA's Counter-Terrorism Center, and having read and/or listened to all publicly available information about the alleged plot to bomb a Catonsville military recruitment center, I wish to highly commend the work done by our local FBI agents and those from headquarters. Although I do have a graduate degree in criminal justice which required completion of criminal law courses, I am not a lawyer; however, every indication is that our bureau colleagues did everything by the book, and even arranged for the purposely safe, inert bomb to render an audible explosive sound to clearly document that the alleged terrorist followed through and actively triggered what he reportedly believed to be a lethal car bomb!

In spite of superficial historic animosity (about the level of Army/Navy competition) between the bureau and the CIA, we are on the same team, and I only envy them the control that results from having the U.S. home field advantage.

J. Wayne Birkel

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