Blame Republicans, not Obama, for tax compromise

Let's get real and put the blame where it belongs. The Republicans are holding the unemployed hostage to keep billionaires getting richer. Is that really what this country is — a haven for the rich? They are putting what is good for the Republican Party above what is good for our country.

What was the president supposed to do — let a large portion of our population be reduced to poverty?

Sure, it would be politically correct, but so far President Obama has chosen to be morally and, I think, financially correct. He could hold out against the Republicans and let them take the blame. Instead, he chose to make the only choice he could that would protect average Americans who, through no fault of their own, would have no way to support their families.

This is weakness? In my opinion, this is a strong man jeopardizing his political career to do what is best for his country and its citizens.

I am a registered Republican, but I don't think I will be by the next election.

Jo Magrogan, Catonsville

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