Are you kidding, Hon?

Let's see, Denise Whiting says trademarking the word "Hon" isn't about profit ("Hands off 'Hon,' Hon," Dec. 10)? Then further in the article she says that she "thinks when the time is right, there could be an opportunity to use the Hon brand to make real money."

Oh, but wait, she might be willing to let the city use it for free in exchange for a parking lot. Anticipating possible challenges or negotiations with the city, she says "Its going to be fun. And I'm going to be ready."


Very nice, especially from someone who isn't even from Baltimore!

I guess profits from her businesses are not enough. Its hard to decide which one of her comments is the most arrogant. Possibly when she gives herself credit for having used the word to change the city by having taken a "little word, celebrated it and created change with it. Big change." I wonder if Baltimore City will use taxpayer's money to support her "Honfest" as they have in the past. I will never patronize her businesses again and will not take out of town guests to


(the food is mediocre anyway).

Contrary to what Ms. Whiting says in the article, I am not mad that I didn't think of trademarking the word "Hon" myself, and I don't think it's a brilliant marketing campaign, and although I'm just a dumb Baltimore girl, I am able to comprehend that she is greedy, with an over-inflated ego.

It would be sad if she ruins that wonderful word that has always been associated with Baltimore...even before she moved here. I just hope that she doesn't trademark pink flamingos because then, what would I put in my yard?

Karen Spicer, Baltimore