Council should reject Kamenetz appointees

Your article about the appointments of County Executive Kevin Kamenetz shows he is out of touch with the public by submitting Vince Gardina and Sam Moxley to positions in county government ("Baltimore County's familiar faces," Dec. 7).

These two individuals have lived on the public dole for years and have accumulated large pensions. They do not need another pension or taxpayer jobs.

The newly elected County Council members now have the opportunity to show the public they are not going to be a rubber stamp for Mr. Kamenetz and vote against these two appointments.

Messrs. Gardina and Moxley may know the ins and outs of government, but there must be better qualified people to help lead the county.

Mr. Gardina already tried to get a state job while being employed by the county, and Mr. Moxley showed his contempt for the law when he drove while intoxicated.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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