Federal workers: Stop whining

I am a retired civil servant, logging 36 years of service. Proud of it too! So what is this nonsense about salary freezes being unfair ("200,000 in Md. face U.S. pay freeze," Nov. 30)? When I was on board, we all guessed that we would take a hit any time Washington needed extra cash. It was an unwritten law.

We endured this "inconvenience" because we cherished our position in the work force. We got annual and sick leave, paid vacations that were increased over time to weeks, step increases for "good" service, and by God: "Try to fire me!" And, like the school kids, we got snow days — they would close the post so we didn't get wet.

How can any government worker feel cheated? We have the best medical insurance plan, and the retirement system is very fair. What more could we ask for?

This is just another "modern billboard," exposing the prevalent selfishness of our nation. Neither the president nor any member of Congress can reverse this historical period. This is not political; it is history in the making. We are in the flood plain, all of us. Get used to it America!

John Holter, Baltimore

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