How does GOP justify blocking nuclear arms control?

What possible good can come of obstructing President Obama's effort to get a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty ratified during the lame-duck session of Congress? ("Stalled on START," Nov.23).

What, in good conscience, allows Republican Senator Jon Kyl to seek postponement of a treaty that has such far-reaching importance for the peace of the world, and who are these "American People" the Republican Party claims to represent with its desperation tactics who go along with dangerous political games designed to undo a sitting president in time to put the GOP's negative agenda in place across the board?

How can people of any intelligence whatsoever continue to go along with such a self-serving plan of attack in the face of world nuclear arms proliferation?

Maybe these people and the rabble-rousers who pump them up are really just part of a lynch mob who will put things straight and cheer Sarah Palin on to the top job, since, after all, she knows what really goes on in Russia and can keep an eye on them by peering out of her window (though, unfortunately for the rest of us, she isn't spending nearly enough time in her Alaska home these days).

Elizabeth Goldsborough, Owings Mills

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