Marbella is obsessed with the Palins

After reading Jean Marbella's verbal assault on Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin's daughter, in her recent column ("Tea partiers: Hands off 'Dancing with the Stars'!" Nov. 23) it occurred to me that Ms. Marbella may suffer from a pathological obsession that drives her to denigrate Mrs. Palin and members of her family.

Or perhaps she's jealous, envious of the 20-year old celebrity.

Or, it may be that she's just an out-of-control Obamacrat who has a visceral hatred of conservatives and/or republicans and/or members of the tea party.

Whatever the reason, consider some of the nasty things Marbella wrote about this young mother.

Commenting on the "landslide of viewer votes" Bristol Palin received, Marbella wrote: "...this was obviously a victory of populism over elitism. Unless, that is, it was a triumph of voter fraud perpetrated by devotees of her mother, Sarah."

That's a clever way to suggest voter fraud without actually producing any evidence that there was any. But what Ms. Marbella neglected to mention was that the producer of the show had stated that there was nothing in the voting that appeared to be dissimilar to voting in previous seasons.

Commenting on Bristol Palin's dancing, Ms. Marbella wrote: "...poor Bristol tends to lumber through her moves, stiff with tension and either deaf to the music or seemingly wishing the ordeal would end already." (So says Marbella the dance critic, Marbella the psychologist, and Marbella the audiologist?)

Ms. Marbella then continued: "Which is fine. You try something new, you have a few laughs, you go back to Alaska with some sequined doilies to wear next Halloween."

What Marbella wrote was insulting, but she wasn't content to let it go at that. She added:

"But, of course, being a Palin, it could never be simple. It could never be about just dancing. Anyone who thinks Bristol got into the finals this week on the basis of her dancing also thinks you can, say, cut taxes and the deficit at the same time." (So, Ms. Marbella is an economist, too?)

Ms. Marbella threw in a couple more politicized comments before winding up with a warning to members of the tea party: "Go mess up the rest of the world if you must, but don't tread on "Dancing with the Stars."

All things considered, though, it was just another run-of-the-mill column. For Jean Marbella.

Richard T. Seymour, Baltimore

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