Iraq veteran is being mistreated

I want to congratulate Charles Whittington for saying what a lot of other veterans may not yet have the courage to say ("Fight for freedom," Nov. 21).

I am a liberal social worker who feels that war should only be used as a last resort. However, I have the deepest respect for those who serve our country. I think the idea that Mr. Whittington must get a psychological evaluation before returning to campus is completely unnecessary. This soldier is obviously being proactive in helping himself by seeking counseling and medication to control his addiction. Writing about his experiences is simply a coping mechanism that he has found, and part of his recovery.

The school's administration is merely hindering his recovery process and telling him that expressing his deepest emotions is wrong and dangerous. In the contrary, it would be more dangerous for a person to have these thoughts trapped inside. I encourage Mr. Whittington to keep writing, and stay positive on his way to recovery.

Margot Allen, Baltimore

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