Politics invades 'Dancing with the Stars'

I never before entertained the idea of writing a letter to the editor regarding a TV show. However Jean Marbella's article regarding "Dancing with the Stars" was so spot on I couldn't resist ("Tea partiers: Don't tread on 'Dancing with the Stars'!" Nov. 21).

Like many Americans I have some strong political opinions. But when I sit down to watch something as mindless as DWTS I do so to be entertained, not watch a political group hijack the results. When the tea party people have websites to encourage their followers to vote in unorthodox manners in order to have Bristol Palin win a dance competition, one has to question what that says about our country politically. Especially when it's obvious the other contestants are far superior dancers.

It's a TV show! It's a competition to find the best celebrity dancer! It's supposed to be an innocuous reality program! How did it become a "political election"?

Barbara Blumberg, Baltimore

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