Q&A with Jane Randall

Jane Randall, Monkton native and Roland Park Country School graduate, just missed out on the finals of "America's Next Top Model" when she was eliminated last week, but she vows to pursue a modeling career even if it delays the completion of her degree from Princeton University.

The 5-foot-9 head-turner with killer bone structure left the competition during a close double-elimination. Before her exit, she was showered with compliments and words of encouragement from show's head judge and creator, Tyra Banks.

Months before the show began, Randall was competing as a lacrosse goalie for Princeton. But encouraging words from a photographer in New York City led the 20-year-old to submit a couple of photos that she snapped of herself to Banks' website.

After making the show's cast this season, Randall quickly established herself among the cream of the crop with strong photographs as a result of her stunning face. Her biggest downfall — according to the judges — was her lack of personality.

Randall exhibited plenty of personality when she dished about the show, fashion, and beauty with The Baltimore Sun just before the season began in September. (Show requirements embargoed publication of the interview until after her elimination.)

Question: Do you keep in touch with any of the other contestants on the show?

Answer: Yes. We exchanged e-mails after the show. We've all resumed our normal lives since the show ended.

Q: Who is your favorite past contestant?

A: I liked Laura Kirkpatrick [runner-up from Cycle 13]. She just seemed like a lot of fun.

Q: Who is your least favorite contestant?

A: Pretty much anyone labeled as "the bitch" of the house. I would always fast-forward those parts.

Q: What is your favorite cosmetic accessory?

A: Moisturizer, because my skin — with the sun — gets dry. I always have moisturizer on me. I like Aveeno. It has SPF 15. I also like nail polish. I like the Sally Hansen line. My favorite shade is red. It's bold. I'm actually wearing it right now.

Q: How do you normally wear your hair?

A: I normally wear it down. I'm not very skilled with hair.

Q: Who is your favorite designer?

A: Ralph Lauren. I like his lines because it is all very elegant, but at the same time very simple and practical. I like the balance that that has.

Q: You have said you are a sandals type of girl. What is your favorite sandal?

A: I really like Gladiator sandals with the strap. They are not as plain as flip-flops, but at the same time they are pretty comfortable.

Q: Do you have a favorite purse/handbag?

A: I'm more of a backpack type of person. I really like handbags by Marc Jacobs. His pieces are very timeless. His bags are expensive, but I know it will last.

Q: Which celebrity's style do you idolize the most?

A: Rachel Bilson. She has a column in InStyle, and she always looks very put together. She always looks simple, but looks nice.

Q: Do you have a "bad hair day" story?

A: My mom actually let my brother cut my hair when I was 4 and he was 6. He gave me some pretty terrible bangs.


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