A thank you to the St. Joseph community

This past week, St. Joseph Medical Center settled with the federal government all potential claims arising out of the its past financial relationship with MidAtlantic Cardiovascular Associates and certain stent procedures performed by a single physician. Much has changed at St. Joseph in the 21/2 years since the government's investigation began. We've enhanced physician peer review, revised the physician contract review and approval process, and strengthened our quality management program.

What has remained constant is the commitment to quality compassionate care by the hundreds of men and women who have daily demonstrated their professionalism during this challenging time.

Jean Marbella's column ("St. Joseph's case shows need for real health care reform," Nov. 14) seemed excessively harsh and cynical to me, even with the thicker skin I've acquired since I came here a year ago. I'm writing to recognize St. Joseph's employees, volunteers, board members, donors and community supporters who were not involved in the investigation except to offer their full cooperation with the government, who have remained focused on patient care, and who have lived our core values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence.

Jeffrey K. Norman

The writer is president and CEO of St. Joseph Medical Center.

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