Ask the right questions, Andy Harris

Rep.-elect Andy Harris perhaps thought in his recent private orientation session that it is important to ask the right questions (why must he wait a month for his new health coverage to start?). I personally resent the clever rush of Washington reporters to report on the irony of the question asked given the fact that it was not asked at a public event. Nevertheless, on behalf of those of us who are accustomed to the intricacies of COBRA and economy-strapped employers - who try every trick in the book to delay the costs associated with health benefits, I can only hope that Dr. Harris takes his experience as a call to action.

If he asks the right questions of those he now represents, he will find college educated workers working multiple entry level jobs — as many as two or three. He will find workers restricted to part-time hours so that they do not qualify for benefits, few employers who provide benefits before a six-month waiting period; COBRA prices that are simply not affordable, and far fewer attitudes of entitlement than he ever imagined.

Jim Childress, Edgemere

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