Baltimore teachers should reject their contract

It is most disappointing and disturbing to note in, "Seize the moment" (Nov. 8) that The Sun continues to recommend for the Baltimore City school teachers to ratify the union contract which will soon be submitted for a second vote.

For a better understanding, it would be gratifying to the public if The Sun would inform us of the reservations which so many of the teachers evidently have against the proposed contract.

According to The Sun editorial, the contract calls for rewarding teachers not for their tenure but for their classroom effectiveness as measured by "growth in student achievement."

If I were a teacher assigned to a school located in a poor area of Baltimore City, I would be greatly concerned, as that community, no doubt, would be dealing with much unemployment, many broken homes and floating orphans and numerous youth gangs. These conditions would probably lead to the breeding of a nonchalant attitude toward education, both among the adults and the youth. Therefore, the test scores of these children on their standardized tests would probably not be very encouraging in comparison with the results of the ones attending schools in more favorable locations in the city.

The proposed Baltimore City teacher union contract should include a comprehensive plan to assure the teachers assigned to schools in high-poverty areas equal status with the teachers who are assigned to schools located in more favorable conditions where the achievement test scores will naturally be higher.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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