Traffic improvements planned for city Walmart project

Contrary to the assertions made by Joan Floyd ("Where's the traffic plan for 25th Street Station?" Sept. 29) and as repeated by reporter Julie Scharper ("Remington Walmart plan wins approval," Nov. 9), there is an agreement between the City Department of Transportation and the community that includes many long needed transportation improvements beyond those made necessary by the 25th Street Station development.

The 25th Street Station development spans both sides of Howard Street and therefore is located in Charles Village and Old Goucher, and not just in Remington as The Sun's most recent headlines suggest.

Representatives of the Charles Village Civic Association (CVCA), Greater Remington Improvement Association (GRIA), and Old Goucher Community Association (OGCA) have worked diligently for the past eight months with the transportation department on traffic, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, parking and streetscape issues pertaining to the 25th Street Station development. Many preexisting community requests for traffic calming were included in the list of more than 54 remediation solutions, such as removing rush hour traffic restrictions along Howard Street north of 26th Street.

The three neighborhood associations also worked cooperatively with the transportation department to compose an extensive traffic calming and pedestrian safety plan for streets beyond the project area, such as diverting Jones Falls through traffic away from the residential neighborhoods at 28th and Sisson, 29th and Sisson Streets, and at North Avenue. The complete matrix of transportation improvements negotiated with the transportation department is available at and at

Our organizations will continue to work closely with the transportation department toward the goal of promoting traffic calming and pedestrian and bicycle safety within our community for the benefit of all residents.

Jennifer Erickson, Judith A. Kunst and Peter Duvall, Baltimore

The writers are the presidents of the Charles Village Civic Association, the Greater Remington Improvement Association and the Old Goucher Community Association.

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