Leopold a model for Md. GOP

Your editorial "O'Malley bucks Republican tide" (Nov. 3) correctly points out that Republicans should have done better locally this election to ride the national wave. But it misses a bright spot.

Republican John Leopold has provided just the blueprint you said is lacking in the state. He won his election decisively to a second term as Anne Arundel County executive, and he did it with a simple game plan: govern effectively.

Couple that with another simple formula: Practice fiscal discipline and do the work necessary to personally connect with voters instead of relying on attack ads and surrogates.

Mr. Leopold cut spending, kept taxes low, provided excellent constituent service and made targeted investments in education, the environment and public safety. These simple tenets go beyond party and should instruct all candidates looking toward 2012 and 2014.

Erik Robey, Pasadena

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