Sun downplays GOP takeover of Congress

As a Sun subscriber, I read the Wednesday, Nov. 3 edition with interest. I was hoping to see The Baltimore Sun's coverage of a major unfolding national news story displayed on the front page and the appropriate headline banner reading: "GOP wins big, reclaims House." Then I expected to see an article reporting this major event discussed on page one.

Sadly, I was mistaken. That article was buried on page 13. I wonder why on page 13? Just a bad luck coincidence!

Come on, be honest. If the Democrats had won, the entire front page would have been occupied by that story, and the writers would have extolled the importance and parallel nature it had to similar happenings in the past. Just how important this realignment of the House of Representatives was for the country was downplayed. Sweeping turnovers of 50-60 seats do not occur that often.

But, no The Sun doesn't give that kind of coverage for any Republican victory, national or local, in a Democratic leaning state. It is the same old bias rearing its ugly head that I have observed in the reporting of the news by The Baltimore Sun.

At times editorial commentary appears throughout the paper rather than strictly on the editorial page. Then at other times, situations demanding front page recognition, in view of its importance on the national scene, are downplayed and treated like an afterthought, if at all. I am chagrinned about this style of reporting.

It is not surprising that the only newspaper of significance in the city, with statewide readership, caters to the predominantly Democratic constituency of Maryland. The staff is not impartial, and the management is not impartial, and it shows. That is sad because a cosmopolitan city deserves better than this, and it deserves an independent newspaper reporting the news in an unbiased way.

William Engle

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