Is Maryland trying to invite voter fraud?

I just returned from voting. After I gave the poll workers my name and address, I was given a form to sign and an electronic voting card. After I took the card, I asked if they were going to ask me for identification.

They replied "No." When I asked how they could be sure that I was who I said I was, they replied that they had to "trust" me. They said they were not allowed to ask for identification. When I replied that this was nuts, they agreed but said it was the law.

I need identification to get a library card, but none to vote? What is wrong with this picture?

Combine the no identification rule with the paper trail-less electronic machines, and the potential for vote fraud is enormous. Maybe the Maryland legislature wants it this way, since, so far, it has been unwilling to do anything about either situation.

Craig Herud, Aberdeen

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