Hold O'Malley accountable on mass arrests

I am appalled by the media's lack of interest in Gov. Martin O'Malley's support of mass arrests of black residents of Baltimore. In his first gubernatorial debate, the former Baltimore mayor defended his mass arrests of black residents because it saved a lot of lives. For the record, Mr. O'Malley admitted that he arrested one out of every seven or eight Baltimore residents, almost all of whom are black, and most were released a few hours later.

Where is the outrage? Any other official who admitted to this would make headlines and be the subject of a Congressional inquiry. Maryland residents are firm in their opposition to DWB — "driving while black" — arrests. Why are we now silent on this issue? Why are the papers and TV news silent? Worse, why is the NAACP silent on this issue?

The governor needs to answer for his behavior. The sooner the better.

Rick Hansen, Colesville

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