Prevas won't be forgotten

John Prevas was a fine judge. He was blessed with a remarkable mind that could parse legal precedent and argument into rational components and, ultimately, use those disparate pieces to produce justice itself. He loved the law as if it were a living, breathing entity — as if it had a soul, when in fact it is people like John who give the law what soul it has. He breathed goodness into the legal profession in a way that few men can or do.

But more than that, he was simply a fine man. A citizen of Baltimore, he was puckish in his love of everything from the Orioles to Zappa, and a great defender of discussion and dissent about those issues that matter to the city. His life was wholly connected to his sense of community and fully vested in his Baltimore's future.

He knew much, and he seemingly remembered everything — from the Maryland Annotated Code to O's batting averages to the name of anyone who set foot in the Broadway Market. And now, there will be no forgetting him or his life.

David Simon, Baltimore

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