Ehrlich is the despicable one

To answer the letter about Gov. Martin O'Malley being a despicable politician ("O'Malley is among America's most despicable politicians," Readers respond, Oct. 28):

How more despicable can you be, when you bus homeless people in from another state and pay them to wear a Bob Ehrlich shirt, to pretend they are voting for him, when in fact, they cant even vote in this state because they were from Philadelphia? How more crooked and despicable can you be?

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. loves to hog the limelight, needs to be in charge and wants nothing more, than to have a title. There were a lot of things going on in his administration, such as politically motivated firings.

How many scandals have you heard about Governor O'Malley? He is a governor that doesn't seek the limelight. He gets done what needs to be done, and he is a quiet, classy guy.

There is a recession going on, all over the country, and every State has many more unemployed than they would like. What's your excuse, Bob Ehrlich? You didn't have all those problems, yet you didn't do a good job in four years, and that was why you were ousted.

E. Arbogast, Hampstead

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