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Think of those who live near Arundel Mills

So Anne Arundel County voters are evenly divided over slots at the Arundel Mills Mall ("Poll shows tight battle for Arundel Mills slots," Oct. 24.) I would be willing to bet that those for the slots parlor don't live anywhere near Arundel Mills and/or don't shop there. Consider this, if you live in Annapolis or areas south of there, would you like to have the slots parlor at Annapolis Mall? Or how about a slots parlor at Marley Station Mall? It's that same old thing — I don't want it in my backyard, but I will be happy to vote to put it in your backyard!

Traffic congestion in and around Arundel Mills is already an issue. On Saturdays, traffic heading to the mall often backs up on Route 100 now. What is it going to be like if the slots parlor opens? And it won't just be on Saturdays, it will be all the time. Rush hour traffic on Route 100 is already a very slow-moving congested mess. What will it be like if slots traffic is added to the mix? The Baltimore-Washington Parkway will be just as bad.

So while many pro Arundel Mills slots voters may not live in the area, I am certain that their daily commute to and from work will be negatively impacted. The roads in the area can't handle the current traffic let alone the additional traffic that the slots parlor will generate. But we can spend all the additional revenue on major road upgrades! That should only take about 5 years and cause massive turmoil.

Families living in and around Arundel Mills have a right to a decent quality of life. The area is not designed for the levels of traffic that the addition of a slots parlor will bring to the area. Plus BRAC is coming. The County Council's recent override of County Executive John Leopold's veto of a very large development in the area is guaranteed to bring additional traffic to Arundel Mills. It is the making of a perfect storm.

Which brings me to Arundel Mills Mall itself. Cordish Cos. is proposing 500 parking spots. Really, 500? If the slots parlor is supposed to generate the millions of dollars in revenue that Cordish has promised, many more that 500 parking spots will be needed. So all those slots players will be parking at the mall. Parking at the mall can already be a challenge during weekends and the holidays. I am not going to patronize a mall where parking is an major issue.

I would ask the those voters who plan on voting yes on the slots referendum to reconsider their vote. Look beyond your self interests and consider the interests of your fellow citizens. Remember, this time it is those living near Arundel Mills who will be impacted, but in the future, your quality of life could be impacted by a referendum. How would you like us to vote?

M. Jackson, Pasadena

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