O'Malley is among America's most despicable politicians

Today I received a campaign flyer in the mail that states, "Bob Ehrlich has made $2.5 million working for one of America's largest lobbying firms." However, articles in The Sun on June 27 and October 21 reported that the allegation is false. Mr. Ehrlich has never been a registered lobbyist.

The tone and the truthfulness of a political campaign are reasonable measures to evaluate a candidate against the fundamental qualifications of integrity and decency. The strategy of Nazi propagandists in the 1930s was simple: Tell a big lie repeatedly and people will believe. Mr. O'Malley has implemented that approach with great finesse and is now favored to win reelection.

As another measure of Mr. O'Malley's character and morale convictions, the governor used your Maryland tax dollars to fund about $2.5 million in Medicaid abortions annually; Maryland is one of only 16 states that fund Medicaid abortions for any reason. Our state's abortion rate is nearly 40 percent higher that the national rate. A compassionate leader would use those funds to save lives, not end them.

I once respected Mr. O'Malley, but I now suspect he has compromised the values instilled early into him by his parents, and he has worked hard to earn a place among the most despicable politicians in America.

Gerald Rodkey, Ellicott City

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