Free trade is to blame for U.S. woes

Charles Campbell's commentary, "Free trade has failed the U.S." (Oct. 25) tells it like it is. For decades, we've followed the bipartisan free trade mantra and ended up in a ditch. This was complimented by an anti-tax mania, which has resulted in massive borrowing from China and other countries to maintain an increasingly fragile American standard of living.

Wealth is flowing out, the country is getting poorer, while expectations of a bygone quality of life persist, creating frustration and anger. Yet, emanating from this void come the howls of tea party extremism that call for more of the same. As Mr. Campbell pointed out, what we need is not less government but vigorous government involvement in the purpose and direction of the economy, like that which historically characterized the periods of greatest economic growth.

John G. Bailey, Edgemere

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