Kratovil helped in a time of need

Congressman Frank Kratovil was the last person we contacted when our family experienced a life changing medical event that caused us to mortgage our home via Countrywide, through which we got caught up in the subprime mess. After pursuing numerous avenues with the federal, state and private sources, we had given up in getting a response and assistance from our lender on resolving our mortgage. Congressman Kratovil and his staff responded to our request, and within days we had received a personal phone call and immediate action from the lender in correcting our mortgage to be within the government guidelines, thereby saving us from losing our home.

I have dealt with many elected officials, but Congressman Kratovil's actions helping us exemplify three words that I have believed in throughout my Navy career: integrity, honesty and character. He didn't have to get involved, but he did, and as a Republican I will cast my vote along with my family for him because of the integrity that we saw by his actions — not some words from a PR firm.

Gary Collins, Pasadena

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